The 4 Syndicate: The4

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The 4 Syndicate: The4

_MG_0509What does it take to create the world’s most powerful, innovative, and versatile software engineering company? Hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears. The 4 Syndicate’s founders have been working tirelessly for years to achieve this. Gary Mathis and Keaton Johnson sum up these words almost effortlessly, devoting precious time and resources to bring you the best the world has to offer. The 4 Syndicate is a software engineering company located in Dallas, TX. The founders, (Keaton Johnson and Gary Mathis), are the creative minds behind the powerful applications they create. It is with these two that we learn what it really means to start at the bottom.

“We grew up in a small town, with little opportunity.” Says Keaton about the history of him and Gary. Keaton is referring to where The 4 Syndicate truly originated.  Gary and Keaton were nothing but your average children. The difference? They decided they wanted to pave the way for their futures.

“We were fascinated by computers.” Says Gary. “How they worked. The hardware and software behind it all. We essentially partnered before there was anything to partner to.”

This dynamic duo spent years honing in on their skills. Trial and error, failure after failure, these two learned and grew together. Growing up in Southern, less than middle class homes, with little opportunity on their table the team set forth on a path that differed from their peers. This is what created The 4 Syndicate.

“We wanted more for everybody.” Keaton says, “We saw everything in use, and then saw what was needed. We started out learning how to do this, and then ended up wanting to fix the problems.”

“Bottom line we wanted to give the world what it deserves.” Says Gary. “Versatile software, that’s easy to use, is powerful, and can update society.”

The team grew up and went separate paths of college and military. It was until 2013 that the pair came back together and began implementing their plans for the future of software. Then, they began their move into the Dallas market. This is where they met Jeff Cline, an entrepreneur by trade. Jeff had 20+ years of business experience, and was geared to create another successful company.

“These guys had ideas, and I had ideas.” Says Jeff. “They were on top of their game when I met them, so I couldn’t resist helping them with their vision. These two are extraordinary.”

The 4 Syndicate offers low cost, powerful, effective, and versatile software. The 4 Syndicate stands to truly take the market by a storm if it continues this path. These partners are the dream team of software engineering, and are truly prepared to help create a better future.

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The 4 Syndicate: Gary and Keaton

_MG_0509The story of The 4 Syndicate goes back in time over 20 years. A small town, few opportunities, and a dynamic duo. Years ago in Silsbee, TX located 20 minutes east of Beaumont, there were very few opportunities. In reality, still to this day Silsbee’s market is primarily retail, woodwork, fabrication, and welding. The education is lacking, the opportunity within that system is low, and the educators pump out fresh batches of students that are focused on the generic job positions. It was within this beautiful small town with little opportunity in advancement that the founders of The 4 Syndicate were born.

Gary and Keaton have known each other from that town. Over years of living there, the team at the head of the world’s most powerful applications, spent years doing what normal kids do. Camping, hunting, fishing, etc… These 2 had each other’s backs for many years. Over time they began to think of their future. What would be in store for them? Although both had different ideas of a few goals, they both had the same overall goal. Create a business that will take the lead in a market. It was over time that the decision was made to create this business in the world of Information Technology. Gary and Keaton began honing their skills on what they needed to know in order to compete with the top companies. Over time, both began creating and designing powerful ideas and learning the science/art of software engineering. This was truly the start of a new world.

The pair separated briefly during Keaton’s time spent in the Army, and his work at the Sheriff’s Department. Gary went to college and began building the business with Keaton over the phone. Coming at the end of 2013, the dynamic duo once again paired and began their plans. Starting with building the Social Network BlabAway, designing a new framework, and looking for potential ventures. Marketing, accounting, and investing time and money became priorities. The team moved their location to Dallas, TX where they met Jeff Cline, a wealthy investor with 20+ years of experience in operating several companies. With the help of Jeff The 4 Syndicate was born. These 3 went to work to start pushing out applications such as Tipey, Incline.Media, and designing sites such as

These applications are on the web, google play, and the app store. The 4 Syndicate is coming into the market, and is coming in loud. With several businesses reaching out to them after only a few months with applications on the market, it’s no wonder The 4 Syndicate can say it is the best in software engineering.

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Meet The Team: Keaton Johnson


Keaton (right) Janise (left)

Keaton Johnson is The 4 Syndicate’s first partner. He is the Chief Operations Officer of the company, and works very closely with Gary Mathis (the President). Keaton and Gary are the original founders of The 4 Syndicate LLC, and are the main brains behind the world’s most advanced technology. Keaton focuses on running the backend of the company. Updating as needed, finding potential business opportunities, marketing, and software development. He joined the company in 2013, and has since moved location to location until finding The 4 Syndicate’s place in the Dallas market. He is a veteran of the United States Army, and a Sheriff’s Department Jailer. He is no stranger to dedication, and service to the people. Keaton has known and worked alonside Gary for over 15 years, creating a dynamic duo entering the market.

“We want to be innovative,” says Keaton, “We look at all the things out there. All these outdated softwares, all these problems, all these people stuck using what’s already there. So, we’re like let’s fix that. Let’s update the world. Let’s create the best at the lowest cost. Let’s give the world the software it deserves. There is no true market for us. We look around for different ideas. One day we’re creating a Merchant Service, the next we’re in the Social Network scene, and the next we’re dishing out Tipey.Tips. We have no true home. Information Technology, Software Design, label us whatever I suppose. We’re coming into every market before we’re through.”

Ambition, dedication, and drive sum up The 4 Syndicate’s team. A small fish in a big pond, The 4 Syndicate is geared to take the market by a storm this year.

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The 4 Syndicate

the 4Information Technology is a live and booming market across the globe. Many people and businesses go through great lengths to tap into the I.T. Market, due to the guaranteed results that occur when they do. People go to accredited schools to learn the art of programming. Businesses pay individuals a large sum of money for this skill set. However, sometimes it is more in the interest of a company to higher another company that primarily focuses on this skill. These companies typically pay an outrageous amount, for very little results. Most companies have programmers who have either only been in for a short time, or who have already hit their prime and can no longer keep up with today’s advancing market. What does any business want from one of these companies? They want a fast, efficient, and cost effective solution that can keep up with the ever changing technology industry. Look no further than The 4 Syndicate.

Gary Mathis is The 4 Syndicate’s President, and lead engineer. Gary is an award winning software engineer with over 9 years of experience building powerful applications in multiple coding languages. An experienced developer and great leader, Gary is one of the founders of the company alongside Keaton Johnson. Keaton is The 4 Syndicate’s chief operations officer and chief marketing officer. Keaton specializes in search engine optimization, financing, and marketing. Keaton has worked for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, and is a veteran of the United States Army. Jeff Cline is the primary investor in The 4 Syndicate. Jeff has 20+ years of experience in business operations, marketing, sales, etc. Jeff has pushed the brand to greater heights, allowing us to quickly change the face of technology as we know it. A father and a mentor, Jeff keeps the crew performing to the best standards possible.

The 4 Syndicate has presented several different applications over the past few months. These applications have been created by reimagining the way we use and see the web. A marketing platform (Incline.Media), a social tipping site (Tipey.Tips), and a social networking site ( Not to mention the countless backend designs for websites like The 4 Syndicate is never shy to take a challenge when it comes to building the best the web has ever seen. We strive to prove that current applications and programming is obsolete. The world needs an update, and we can be the ones to fix the holes that you didn’t know existed.

Want to find out more about The 4 Syndicate? You can visit the website, and see for yourself. We accept phone calls and emails for business inquiries only. If you have an idea, a product to sell, a system to fix, or anything that requires cost effective solutions, contact us today.