The 4 Syndicate: About our applications

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The 4 Syndicate: About our applications

the4The 4 Syndicate LLC has a variety of powerful applications. We strive to create the best, most cost effective solutions for any and everybody. This post is a brief list of our best products available on the market. This list is constantly updated, and taps into a few different markets for you to choose from. Whether you’re a small business, large corporation, youtube guru, web designer, celebrity, or just an average person. We are always designing new things to fit your needs. We’re also sure that if you don’t find something here today, come back in a few months and something new will fit your needs.

  • Incline.Media – Incline.Media is a Marketing Platform designed by The 4 Syndicate. Incline.Media helps you in marketing your product with web personalities that have proven their ability to garner attention. Incline.Media also provides SEO capabilities, Google ranking, a market place, and other great features for your site to receive the traffic you deserve.
  • Tipey.Tips – Tipey is a social Tipping platform designed by The 4 Syndicate. The goal behind Tipey is to offer a safer, easier, and new way to send and receive money. Tipey is a platform that allows the user to create a profile, link bank accounts, then send and receive money at one of the lowest rates on the market. Tipey is available on GooglePlay and the App Store.
  • BlabAway – One of The 4 Syndicate’s first products, BlabAway is a social network that combines some of the best features of current sites. Real time video chat with multiple persons, like and dislike buttons, Instant Messaging, photos, videos, etc… The basics. It’s a new game with a new name, and is sure to keep up with the times.
  • MediaServ – One of the newest products from The 4 Syndicate, MediaServ is a media application to drive your website into the future, at a low cost compared to competitors. MediaServ allows you to upload photos, videos, PDF’s, and other file types to your website. MediaServ can process standard 1080P, as well as 4K videos for the cheapest on the web. MediaServ is the NextGen Media Hosting Platform.

The 4 Syndicate is leading the market in today’s technology. With versatile software that offer a cost effective solutions to your needs, we can build anything and everything for you and your company. Contact us today, see what we have to offer.

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The 4 Syndicate: MediaServ

imgresOne of the biggest things in web design is the ability to publish media to your website. Videos, photos, file types of any kind are one of the biggest advantages in Search Engine Optimization. To put it quite frankly, if you don’t have it you fail. The 4 Syndicate is no different when it comes to this. We have to pay a pretty penny to other companies just to accomplish this goal, just like most companies do. So, guess what, we’re doing it again. The mindset of The 4 Syndicate is to rebuild, and redesign cost effective applications. We’re tired of paying for overpriced features from other companies. That’s why we are creating MediaServ.

MediaServ is a service being built to undercut the market once again. With packages ranging from free to $400 USD a month, we’ve included a service for everyone. From a novice design, to a photography company, to a multi million dollar industry, MediaServ can serve it all at a cost effective rate. Look, let’s get into some real talk. The 4 Syndicate has proven time and time again that they know what they’re doing when it comes to software engineering. Bottom line MediaServ has the ability to change the game when it comes to your business. Coupled with Incline.Media, another product of The 4 Syndicate, you’ll be unstoppable.

MediaServ is the best solution for you to grow. Processing 4K or 1080P is no problem for this system, with unmatched bandwidth in this market. We’re about providing the best of the best, and that’s what we’re presenting. Contact The 4 Syndicate today to inquire about this opportunity for you and your website. MediaServ is coming soon, and you could be the forerunner of the next most powerful application the world has ever seen. Join us, in updating the world of information technology.

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The 4 Syndicate

the 4Information Technology is a live and booming market across the globe. Many people and businesses go through great lengths to tap into the I.T. Market, due to the guaranteed results that occur when they do. People go to accredited schools to learn the art of programming. Businesses pay individuals a large sum of money for this skill set. However, sometimes it is more in the interest of a company to higher another company that primarily focuses on this skill. These companies typically pay an outrageous amount, for very little results. Most companies have programmers who have either only been in for a short time, or who have already hit their prime and can no longer keep up with today’s advancing market. What does any business want from one of these companies? They want a fast, efficient, and cost effective solution that can keep up with the ever changing technology industry. Look no further than The 4 Syndicate.

Gary Mathis is The 4 Syndicate’s President, and lead engineer. Gary is an award winning software engineer with over 9 years of experience building powerful applications in multiple coding languages. An experienced developer and great leader, Gary is one of the founders of the company alongside Keaton Johnson. Keaton is The 4 Syndicate’s chief operations officer and chief marketing officer. Keaton specializes in search engine optimization, financing, and marketing. Keaton has worked for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, and is a veteran of the United States Army. Jeff Cline is the primary investor in The 4 Syndicate. Jeff has 20+ years of experience in business operations, marketing, sales, etc. Jeff has pushed the brand to greater heights, allowing us to quickly change the face of technology as we know it. A father and a mentor, Jeff keeps the crew performing to the best standards possible.

The 4 Syndicate has presented several different applications over the past few months. These applications have been created by reimagining the way we use and see the web. A marketing platform (Incline.Media), a social tipping site (Tipey.Tips), and a social networking site ( Not to mention the countless backend designs for websites like The 4 Syndicate is never shy to take a challenge when it comes to building the best the web has ever seen. We strive to prove that current applications and programming is obsolete. The world needs an update, and we can be the ones to fix the holes that you didn’t know existed.

Want to find out more about The 4 Syndicate? You can visit the website, and see for yourself. We accept phone calls and emails for business inquiries only. If you have an idea, a product to sell, a system to fix, or anything that requires cost effective solutions, contact us today.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.51.45 PM

We’ve been thinking a lot about the world of marketing. A lot of people want to either put their foot in the door, or they want to find a way to enhance their marketing tactics. Many companies offer people the opportunity to advertise their product for them, with the obvious incentives of products and money. Whether you’re a company, a celebrity, a youtube guru, or just need a way to push an idea, we have a solution. Incline.Media has made it’s way into the market, with a one of a kind tool designed for people everywhere to enjoy.

Incline.Media is a web application designed for marketers and publishers to present products, media, or services in videos on the site as well as other sites generally utilized in the world of video. Incline.Media is a way for a marketer to present a product to either established, or up and coming faces on the web. Marketers can post a product, and publishers can immediately use the products in videos for people to see all around the world. The publisher makes money off of what products are sold through the link provided for them. The marketer receives the power of the internet and the followers of these publishers. It’s a great way to push that product out into the world at a low cost to you.

Incline.Media is a powerful tool with an uncanny search engine optimization ability. Incline.Media can help you rank higher in search results, sell your products much more efficiently, and help your company stand above the rest in your market. Incline.Media uses a vetting process to insure every publisher and marketer is legitimate, and effective in utilizing media to engage people worldwide. Best part? Everybody wins in the process with virtually no hassle. This isn’t a “Pay me this much and I’ll market for you” site. You are completely in control of who sells your product, and how they sell that product. Fast, easy, and 100% guaranteed effectiveness.

Maybe you’re not a company though? Maybe you have thousands of followers on youtube, and want to see how you can earn a little hassle free income by doing what you love the most. This is where the publisher side comes in. As a publisher, you will have the opportunity to make money engaging your audience like you always do. You see a product you wouldn’t mind using yourself, you buy it at a heavily discounted price, and make money off of the followers you have who buy the product through the link you provide them. What could be better than that? An easy, hassle free tool that is designed for you and is more effective than conventional ways of marketing.

Want to see how it works? Think you have what it takes to be a publisher? Do you need to market your product? Maybe receive a better ranking for your video? Contact Incline.Media

Phone: 1-774-Incline

Web: Incline.Media