Meet The Team: Keaton Johnson

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Meet The Team: Keaton Johnson


Keaton (right) Janise (left)

Keaton Johnson is The 4 Syndicate’s first partner. He is the Chief Operations Officer of the company, and works very closely with Gary Mathis (the President). Keaton and Gary are the original founders of The 4 Syndicate LLC, and are the main brains behind the world’s most advanced technology. Keaton focuses on running the backend of the company. Updating as needed, finding potential business opportunities, marketing, and software development. He joined the company in 2013, and has since moved location to location until finding The 4 Syndicate’s place in the Dallas market. He is a veteran of the United States Army, and a Sheriff’s Department Jailer. He is no stranger to dedication, and service to the people. Keaton has known and worked alonside Gary for over 15 years, creating a dynamic duo entering the market.

“We want to be innovative,” says Keaton, “We look at all the things out there. All these outdated softwares, all these problems, all these people stuck using what’s already there. So, we’re like let’s fix that. Let’s update the world. Let’s create the best at the lowest cost. Let’s give the world the software it deserves. There is no true market for us. We look around for different ideas. One day we’re creating a Merchant Service, the next we’re in the Social Network scene, and the next we’re dishing out Tipey.Tips. We have no true home. Information Technology, Software Design, label us whatever I suppose. We’re coming into every market before we’re through.”

Ambition, dedication, and drive sum up The 4 Syndicate’s team. A small fish in a big pond, The 4 Syndicate is geared to take the market by a storm this year.

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