Meet The Team: Gary Mathis

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Meet The Team: Gary Mathis


Gary Mathis

Gary Mathis is the President of The 4 Syndicate LLC. He is the mind that made it happen, the leader with a vision to create the best most versatile software company. He is the lead developer of The 4 Syndicate’s products, with State and National awards as well at 10+ years of software engineering under his belt. There’s nothing he hasn’t, or can’t build when it comes to software. His vision for the future is to see the world operating the way it should be.

“I want a small footprint in every market.” Says Gary. “I want to improve upon the technology we have. Which means advances in the medical field, military, government, improving the internet as a whole, and reimagining the customs of our society. Applications such as Tipey, for example, could change the way our society handles cashflow as a whole. Tipey also reimagines the custom of tipping, bringing something common we do and redesigning it with software to improve it’s functionality. BlabAway changes the way we connect with the world. Bringing the best social networking features into one site. We’re constantly changing the face of the most widely used applications, and providing ones you didn’t know you needed.”

Gary has set his goals, and he won’t allow any product on the market that isn’t up to his standards.

“I want the best of the best.” Says Gary, “I won’t accept pushing out anything that isn’t ready in my eyes. When our customers use our software, they should be 100% satisfied by the results.”

Watch out for The 4 Syndicate, coming into your market soon.

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