Tipey Story: Jordan

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Tipey Story: Jordan

imgresThis story comes from Jordan, a Tipey user from Killeen, TX. Jordan has asked us to share this story, due to the fact it shows Tipey’s usefulness past just Tips. The names have been changed for legal purposes.

“Wow. So, this is a crazy one. So my buddy Steven went to Wisconsin with his wife on a business trip. Well, background about Steven, he’s an idiot. He’s done a lot of stupid things. This one however is THE story that has set a new record. He tells his wife in Wisconsin (he’s from Texas) that he wants a divorce. So what does she do? They get into an argument, cops are called, she bites him, they arrest him, she locks his phone, and locks his bank account while he’s in jail. He gets out, no charges because he didn’t touch her, but he has no money. So naturally I go ahead and hook him up with a bus ticket scheduled 4 days later. He has to walk to the station, which is a pretty good distance. I’m trying to figure out how I can send him some money. I’m thinking paypal, moneygram, western union, anything! He doesn’t have a Paypal, and moneygram is pretty expensive. Then, I remember we both downloaded Tipey! I went ahead and sent him $200 at no cost through the app. He’s back in Texas safe and sound now. But, that was just something I felt would be cool to share. Thanks guys!”

Wow. Didn’t really expect Tipey to be used for that, but hey that’s what it is designed for. Quick, easy, and cost effective. A tool for any user in most situations. Thank you Jordan for the story!

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