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Introducing Open Source

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The 4 Syndicate is a software company. We love to build software, work out bugs in existing software, and commit to open source. We love to give back to the community as we take away from the community. We use all kinds of technologies such as PHP, jQuery, Apache, Linux, Angular, Cordova, and tons more! We use these frameworks and programs for free. We think it’s about time to start giving back to the open source community because, if it wasn’t for open source, we wouldn’t exist.

Today, I am announcing we are going to start open sourcing some of the code that makes The 4 Syndicate operate on a day-to-day basis. The first project we will be open sourcing is phpSteriod, our internal PHP framework that runs all of our internal applications. There is some work we need to do to the framework to remove some of the dependencies that are available only within our network. We would love to see where the open source community will bring this framework.

We will also be open sourcing the framework that started it all, it only ran one application, which was BlabAway. We will be calling this framework BlabWork. This framework was in use for several years, running the BlabAway ecosystem, and will always be remembered by the team here at The 4 Syndicate.

Gary never likes to stick to something for too long, because after a while, it becomes out of date. We think phpSteroid is here to stay, for a while. If you have any ideas on the direction you think phpSteroid would go, commit to the open source project. We will be releasing a link to our GitHub page soon!