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Tipey Story: Jordan

imgresThis story comes from Jordan, a Tipey user from Killeen, TX. Jordan has asked us to share this story, due to the fact it shows Tipey’s usefulness past just Tips. The names have been changed for legal purposes.

“Wow. So, this is a crazy one. So my buddy Steven went to Wisconsin with his wife on a business trip. Well, background about Steven, he’s an idiot. He’s done a lot of stupid things. This one however is THE story that has set a new record. He tells his wife in Wisconsin (he’s from Texas) that he wants a divorce. So what does she do? They get into an argument, cops are called, she bites him, they arrest him, she locks his phone, and locks his bank account while he’s in jail. He gets out, no charges because he didn’t touch her, but he has no money. So naturally I go ahead and hook him up with a bus ticket scheduled 4 days later. He has to walk to the station, which is a pretty good distance. I’m trying to figure out how I can send him some money. I’m thinking paypal, moneygram, western union, anything! He doesn’t have a Paypal, and moneygram is pretty expensive. Then, I remember we both downloaded Tipey! I went ahead and sent him $200 at no cost through the app. He’s back in Texas safe and sound now. But, that was just something I felt would be cool to share. Thanks guys!”

Wow. Didn’t really expect Tipey to be used for that, but hey that’s what it is designed for. Quick, easy, and cost effective. A tool for any user in most situations. Thank you Jordan for the story!

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Customer Story: Tipey

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.44.19 PMThis story comes from Allen Parr from Lancaster, TX. Allen is a night employee near Waxahachie, TX. Allen is a Tipey user, and has just learned why it was great to have it on his phone.

“I was driving down highway 342 the other night. It was probably about 2, maybe 3 in the morning. I was driving back up because I was sick, and needed to go home. About halfway there I get a flat tire. Now, that’s no big deal usually. I’ve got a spare in the back of my truck, a jack, and a tire iron. The issue was I felt like I had the flu, and it’s raining outside. Well so I call my wife and tell her I gotta wait for this rain to die down. Turned on my flashers, and sat back listening to some music. A car pulls up behind me about 10 minutes later, and the driver comes out wearing a pancho. He says, “Hey there my name’s Braden Lejune. You alright? Need some help?” So, I tell him the problem. This young man gets my tools, gets my spare, and changes my tire for me in the rain. When he’s done I tell him I don’t have any cash. He says that’s not a problem, and starts to walk away. Then, I remember this guy who gave me a tipey dollar. I had signed up, linked my bank account, and forgot about it. I tell Braden to sign up, and honk his horn when he’s done. He did, so I sent him 40 bucks just for giving me a hand. Sometimes, you need to help a stranger out. This young man came through for me. Because of him, I was able to get home and take some medicine. Because of Tipey, I was able to send him a blessing.”

This is yet another instance in which Tipey has come in handy. You never really know what’s going to happen in life, so sometimes it’s good just to play it safe. Tipey is available on Google Play, and the App Store. It’s also available on the web at

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Customer Stories: Nicole’s Tip

Breakfast-FoodRecently, I had the chance to speak with one of the Tipey users about an experience they already had. This story is from a man we’ll call Mark. Mark contacted me personally about the story to make sure it was shared appropriately. This was Mark’s experience using Tipey to tip his waitress.

“So, I was in a restaurant with a friend the other day. It’s a breakfast joint, but I don’t want to say where because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble. Anyway, this was one of those tip share restaurants. No big deal, tip sharing is pretty common so I knew what to expect. My server wasn’t going to be all that good, my food would be adequate at best. I wasn’t really worried about it. I walked in, and waited fifteen minutes to be seated. I could see they were extremely busy, and almost every chair had a butt in it. I waited, was seated, and was viewing the menu. This cute little blonde waitress named Nicole came over to take our drink orders. Now, at first sight Nicole was quite charming. She had a beautiful smile with amazing teeth, her hair in a bun, and her uniform…. well that’s when I realized it. This young girl, probably 20 going to college, was covered in enough food waste to make another meal. I could see by her tired expression, her uniform, and her bun that was coming undone that she had been through one rough shift. Turns out, she was on her thirteenth hour and we were her last customers after her other tables left.

We ordered our drinks, and waited another ten or so minutes. I didn’t mind though because I watched Nicole running around taking orders, refilling drinks, bussing tables, etc. I could see the rest of the waitstaff taking there time, but Nicole was busting her butt for them. After awhile I ordered my food, and she brought it with that same smile. Then, five minutes into eating, I saw her manager yelling at her for forgetting to roll the silverware before her shift ended. She had been so caught up helping the customers that she forgot to do a task that could’ve been assigned to any one of those servers gossiping by the kitchen. I knew her shift was going to end soon, so I finished my meal and paid without leaving a tip. This constituted a slight look from the cashier, who was obviously going to miss out on her cut.

Nicole came out the doors some thirty minutes later. I was waiting for her outside. She didn’t notice me as she went straight for her car, got in, and started crying. I came to her, we talked, and I assured her she had provided the best service I’ve seen in years. Then, I told her about Tipey. I told her that I hated the idea of tip share for people like her, who really try to do a great job. I had her download the app, set up an account, favorited her, and then tipped her thirty dollars for excellent service. Her face lit up, and we became somewhat of friends that day I suppose. So, now every time I go there, I’ll be requesting Nicole. And, I’ll only tip her through Tipey because only she deserves my money.”


What a fantastic story Mark! It’s times like these that Tipey really comes in and saves the day. Though this is only one example, it really sums up the Tipey experience. Tipey, A new way to Tip. Download on the App Store or Google Play.