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DBC Health and The4


The 4 Syndicate is proud to introduce our latest major player in the market. DBC Health, powered by The 4 Syndicate, is beginning its entrance into the chiropractic market this year with clinics set to be nationwide in the next five years. The 4 Syndicate is proud to be apart of this as the software engineers powering the world’s most innovative chiropractic machine.

A lot of time and effort has been put into designing this machine. Starting from 1994 to now the research, testimonials, and company as a whole have improved significantly. DBC Health is dedicated to designing an effective chiropractic machine that will improve the lives of people with back, neck, or shoulder pain. Some testimonies include those who have had chronic back pain for many years, and are seeing a significant improvement from their treatment at the DBC Clinics. Over 100,000 success stories have been reported, and many more are to follow with this wonderful company.


The DBC Health team follows strict guidelines as any other medical profession should. All users of the machine have received an improvement to their quality of life. With over 20 years of research and planning, thousands of testimonials, and The 4 Syndicate as their software company we can expect many more great things from the company. The machine works, the stage is set, and DBC Health is ready to expand in clinics nationwide. We are very excited to work with this team, and to once again be at the forefront of the world’s most powerful technology. In an ever changing market, The 4 Syndicate seems to be making the right moves to stay ahead. With The 4 Syndicate and DBC Health working together, the chiropractic market may never be the same again.


To learn more about DBC Health, visit

The 4 Syndicate LLC

Improving technology, one line of code at a time.

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Reimagining InetPortal

Over the past few months we’ve been building bigger applications, adding code to our current applications, and scaling in a way we never would have imagined a year ago. Our applications have more users, use more resources, and run on bigger servers within a bigger network. Currently, we have our code deployed within 3 data centers around the United States. Our applications currently become unstable from time to time as demand goes up and we get more traffic.

We’ve been thinking. Trying to solve the puzzle of scaling our platform. We’ve watched talks on how Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or any other large companies scale. We are proud to be announcing InetPortal 3.0. The new version of InetPortal will be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks and has many improvements to security and stability. We will be going over the improvements in this article, but we can’t give away all of our secret sauce.

InetPortal is containerized. Before, we looked at containers as the same as a physical node. Technically, that’s exactly what a container is, but let’s go a little bit deeper within this topic. InetPortal is a cloud platform, starting with version 2.x. Any virtual machine within a cloud environment is within a container, that way it has no access to any other containers within the same physical server. We wanted to take this a bit further. A server will now just be the number of resources we pay for from our provider. A container is the number of resources a single instance of an application is allowed to use, as well as a way to keep our apps separate from each other with no direct access to one another. This increases security a lot and gets us a lot closer to selling InetPortal as a service.

Autoscaling has been enhanced. InetPortal 2.x used to have a server that stayed logged into all other servers to check resource usage every minute or so. With the new monitoring tool, the servers report their health to one another, which not only allows us to see resource utilization for each server, but it also allows us to see the resource utilization of each container or each instance of our applications. If one server is unhealthy, InetPortal can move the containers away from that server, reboot, then move the containers back to the server automatically.

Different servers for different environments allows us to build a development platform within minutes and test our code without ever touching the servers running our production code. This allows us to find bugs before the user will without running the risk of crashing a live server. We can also deploy a completely separate production platform for other applications we build of coarse.

Scripts are no longer stored within network attached storage, or NAT. We used NAT because it was a quick fix for deploying code, but this was very slow. Of course, our code deployed as soon as we pressed save, going to the network every time we wanted to execute a PHP script was rather slow and expensive. We now use NAT explicitly for persistent storage across our network.

Bigger drives means more data, right? InetPortal 3.0 now supports dynamically scaling NAT. This allows us to create a Network Attached Storage device that is very small and make it bigger as we need more space. Our NAT will now start off small at 1GB and can scale up to 16TB of storage, on one drive.

Load balancing is also smarter. InetPortal now configures load balancers automatically, making use of the autoscaling features and the ability to move containers around a lot easier. Load balancers will be found all over the InetPortal platform as it makes things a lot more stable and improves our odds at a point of failure. Not only will you find one load balancer in these locations, you will actually find two. Load balancers run health checks on one another and have floating IP addresses assigned to them, when one load balancer fails, the other takes over and issues a reboot automatically.

Caching is now available. InetPortal 3.0 now supports database caching automatically on any MySQL query executed to the MySQL cluster. This allows caching to be enabled on applications that caching was never built into, making the entire platform even faster.

Over the next few weeks, we are expecting to see all of this make our applications 10 to 15 times faster. This will also allow us to scale quicker and easier! Can’t wait for everyone to try it!

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The 4 Syndicate: MediaServ

imgresOne of the biggest things in web design is the ability to publish media to your website. Videos, photos, file types of any kind are one of the biggest advantages in Search Engine Optimization. To put it quite frankly, if you don’t have it you fail. The 4 Syndicate is no different when it comes to this. We have to pay a pretty penny to other companies just to accomplish this goal, just like most companies do. So, guess what, we’re doing it again. The mindset of The 4 Syndicate is to rebuild, and redesign cost effective applications. We’re tired of paying for overpriced features from other companies. That’s why we are creating MediaServ.

MediaServ is a service being built to undercut the market once again. With packages ranging from free to $400 USD a month, we’ve included a service for everyone. From a novice design, to a photography company, to a multi million dollar industry, MediaServ can serve it all at a cost effective rate. Look, let’s get into some real talk. The 4 Syndicate has proven time and time again that they know what they’re doing when it comes to software engineering. Bottom line MediaServ has the ability to change the game when it comes to your business. Coupled with Incline.Media, another product of The 4 Syndicate, you’ll be unstoppable.

MediaServ is the best solution for you to grow. Processing 4K or 1080P is no problem for this system, with unmatched bandwidth in this market. We’re about providing the best of the best, and that’s what we’re presenting. Contact The 4 Syndicate today to inquire about this opportunity for you and your website. MediaServ is coming soon, and you could be the forerunner of the next most powerful application the world has ever seen. Join us, in updating the world of information technology.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.22.41 PM

Trends are one of the biggest things in social media. People are always looking for the coolest, newest, best things they can find on the internet. Social Networking has become one of the biggest things on the internet thanks to websites like Myspace and Facebook. An explosion has happened in different Social Networking sites that focus on a particular skill set. Some focus on videos, some pictures, some music, some instant messaging, and so on. What most of these sites fail to do is create a way to combine the best of the web’s applications into one. Enter BlabAway.

BlabAway is a Social Network powered by The 4 Syndicate. It is the newest alternative to most top social networking sites. Look, we know how it works. A website becomes trendy for a time being, spikes, and slowly declines. But, that’s because every social network created so far has had gaping holes in their design. As stated before, we see that most social networks focus on a particular part of the overall picture. BlabAway is a new social network that focuses on the best of it all! Check out these features:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Like and Dislike Button
  • Posts, videos, pictures, etc
  • Live video chat with faster speeds than Skype
  • Online help articles
  • No annoying family members trying to be “hip”

See? Now of course that isn’t the complete feature list, but just look at what we have to offer. BlabAway has the potential to take the market by a landslide given the opportunity. That time is now. BlabAway is a free service where you can set up an online profile, and instantly connect with family and friends around the world. BlabAway is up and coming in the market, arguably the next trend in Social Networking. BlabAway is the future. What? Don’t believe us? Think of all the holes of your current social networking sites? Now, picture this, a site that has found these holes and fixed them. BlabAway has listened to the user, and included features the majority of users want. How many social networks can you think of that actually hear you, and think of ways to fix the problems you’re having?

BlabAway is up and running. We constantly update and redesign to conform to the common user. We are fascinated by the idea that we can create a social network for everyone and anyone. That’s why we created it to give to everyone the best they could get without paying for it. For example, BlabAway is the only social network with a video chat feature that is real time and can have more than one user on a chat. Hey, we use social networks too. So, we thought why not make a social network for us? A social network that addresses our problems. The user is our primary concern no matter what. That’s what makes it the next big thing in Social Networking. Most social networks are not going to have a long lifespan due to their inability to listen to users, address concerns, and focus on more than one part of the network. BlabAway is founded on all of these, meaning it has the potential to last. Not only that, but BlabAway is a The 4 Syndicate product. This means it is controlled by a company that is founded on the idea that the world needs an update. BlabAway can keep up with the times no matter what happens.

Signup on BlabAway today, and see what we’re blabbing about!

BlabAway. Connect with your world.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.51.45 PM

We’ve been thinking a lot about the world of marketing. A lot of people want to either put their foot in the door, or they want to find a way to enhance their marketing tactics. Many companies offer people the opportunity to advertise their product for them, with the obvious incentives of products and money. Whether you’re a company, a celebrity, a youtube guru, or just need a way to push an idea, we have a solution. Incline.Media has made it’s way into the market, with a one of a kind tool designed for people everywhere to enjoy.

Incline.Media is a web application designed for marketers and publishers to present products, media, or services in videos on the site as well as other sites generally utilized in the world of video. Incline.Media is a way for a marketer to present a product to either established, or up and coming faces on the web. Marketers can post a product, and publishers can immediately use the products in videos for people to see all around the world. The publisher makes money off of what products are sold through the link provided for them. The marketer receives the power of the internet and the followers of these publishers. It’s a great way to push that product out into the world at a low cost to you.

Incline.Media is a powerful tool with an uncanny search engine optimization ability. Incline.Media can help you rank higher in search results, sell your products much more efficiently, and help your company stand above the rest in your market. Incline.Media uses a vetting process to insure every publisher and marketer is legitimate, and effective in utilizing media to engage people worldwide. Best part? Everybody wins in the process with virtually no hassle. This isn’t a “Pay me this much and I’ll market for you” site. You are completely in control of who sells your product, and how they sell that product. Fast, easy, and 100% guaranteed effectiveness.

Maybe you’re not a company though? Maybe you have thousands of followers on youtube, and want to see how you can earn a little hassle free income by doing what you love the most. This is where the publisher side comes in. As a publisher, you will have the opportunity to make money engaging your audience like you always do. You see a product you wouldn’t mind using yourself, you buy it at a heavily discounted price, and make money off of the followers you have who buy the product through the link you provide them. What could be better than that? An easy, hassle free tool that is designed for you and is more effective than conventional ways of marketing.

Want to see how it works? Think you have what it takes to be a publisher? Do you need to market your product? Maybe receive a better ranking for your video? Contact Incline.Media

Phone: 1-774-Incline

Web: Incline.Media

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In the world of Information Technology we strive to create the best possible applications on all devices. We constantly reimagine the way the world is working, and reinvent the ideas/customs that have governed our society. A simple way to enhance a custom we are all used to is to view it as a way to update the world. We take something so small that you don’t notice, and rebuild in a way that you never knew you needed. That’s what we did when we thought of Tipey.Tips. Taking something you’ve been doing your whole life, and didn’t realize needed a makeover.

Tipping is a way of showing appreciation for great service. The food service industry is the biggest in utilizing tipping as a primary source of income. However, did you know that you can tip people even if the industry generally isn’t a tipping industry? Your doctor, a teacher, a friend who helped you in need, and countless more people you can send a thank you to easy and fast. Have you ever been low on cash and couldn’t tip your carhop at Sonic? Maybe you were at a store, an employee helped you, but he would get in trouble if you showed your appreciation. Tipping is just the way we show those around us we care about what they’ve done for us. So, maybe you should consider Tipey.Tips.

Tipey.Tips is a social tipping platform powered by The 4 Syndicate. Tipey.Tips is a new way to tip, with mobile and web applications for you and your family to use when you want to give someone that thank you they deserve. We at The 4 Syndicate created Tipey.Tips as a way to update the world, redesigning the way we do common things. As Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” That’s exactly what motivated us to create Tipey.Tips for people who find themselves in a situation where they want to tip, but have no way of doing so. We have provided you with a tool you can use to give people what they deserve. Plus, you can make a little money yourself.

It’s a simple design. Tipey.Tips is available on the web, on google play, and on the play store. You can set up your profile to show how your typical appearance will be. You helped a mother of four carry her groceries to her car while she battled her screaming children? She catches your name, looks you up, sees your different appearances, determines that you are the one who helped her, and sends you money for helping her. Alternatively, the produce boy at Walmart helps you find that perfect watermelon. He can’t accept cash from you, but you find him on Tipey.Tips and voila! You have shown your appreciation for his outstanding service. I know I’m not the only one who has paid in advance at a restaurant, had a helpful server, and realized I couldn’t tip her because I had no cash. Now, I can send blessings with little effort to someone who earned it.

You can send and receive money for doing the things you do everyday. That’s the beauty of Tipey.Tips. Tipey.Tips motivates it’s users to pay the blessing forward, and do good for each other. The money is just the extra motivation for users to walk the right direction. Not to mention Tipey.Tips takes virtually no space on your device, is quick to set up, and is a great alternative to already established money sending companies. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! Download Tipey on google play or the app store today! Or, just visit out website Tipey.Tips. You can make a real difference in your life and others by taking the time to sign up today.