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In the world of Information Technology we strive to create the best possible applications on all devices. We constantly reimagine the way the world is working, and reinvent the ideas/customs that have governed our society. A simple way to enhance a custom we are all used to is to view it as a way to update the world. We take something so small that you don’t notice, and rebuild in a way that you never knew you needed. That’s what we did when we thought of Tipey.Tips. Taking something you’ve been doing your whole life, and didn’t realize needed a makeover.

Tipping is a way of showing appreciation for great service. The food service industry is the biggest in utilizing tipping as a primary source of income. However, did you know that you can tip people even if the industry generally isn’t a tipping industry? Your doctor, a teacher, a friend who helped you in need, and countless more people you can send a thank you to easy and fast. Have you ever been low on cash and couldn’t tip your carhop at Sonic? Maybe you were at a store, an employee helped you, but he would get in trouble if you showed your appreciation. Tipping is just the way we show those around us we care about what they’ve done for us. So, maybe you should consider Tipey.Tips.

Tipey.Tips is a social tipping platform powered by The 4 Syndicate. Tipey.Tips is a new way to tip, with mobile and web applications for you and your family to use when you want to give someone that thank you they deserve. We at The 4 Syndicate created Tipey.Tips as a way to update the world, redesigning the way we do common things. As Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” That’s exactly what motivated us to create Tipey.Tips for people who find themselves in a situation where they want to tip, but have no way of doing so. We have provided you with a tool you can use to give people what they deserve. Plus, you can make a little money yourself.

It’s a simple design. Tipey.Tips is available on the web, on google play, and on the play store. You can set up your profile to show how your typical appearance will be. You helped a mother of four carry her groceries to her car while she battled her screaming children? She catches your name, looks you up, sees your different appearances, determines that you are the one who helped her, and sends you money for helping her. Alternatively, the produce boy at Walmart helps you find that perfect watermelon. He can’t accept cash from you, but you find him on Tipey.Tips and voila! You have shown your appreciation for his outstanding service. I know I’m not the only one who has paid in advance at a restaurant, had a helpful server, and realized I couldn’t tip her because I had no cash. Now, I can send blessings with little effort to someone who earned it.

You can send and receive money for doing the things you do everyday. That’s the beauty of Tipey.Tips. Tipey.Tips motivates it’s users to pay the blessing forward, and do good for each other. The money is just the extra motivation for users to walk the right direction. Not to mention Tipey.Tips takes virtually no space on your device, is quick to set up, and is a great alternative to already established money sending companies. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! Download Tipey on google play or the app store today! Or, just visit out website Tipey.Tips. You can make a real difference in your life and others by taking the time to sign up today.

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