The 4 Syndicate: MediaServ

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The 4 Syndicate: MediaServ

imgresOne of the biggest things in web design is the ability to publish media to your website. Videos, photos, file types of any kind are one of the biggest advantages in Search Engine Optimization. To put it quite frankly, if you don’t have it you fail. The 4 Syndicate is no different when it comes to this. We have to pay a pretty penny to other companies just to accomplish this goal, just like most companies do. So, guess what, we’re doing it again. The mindset of The 4 Syndicate is to rebuild, and redesign cost effective applications. We’re tired of paying for overpriced features from other companies. That’s why we are creating MediaServ.

MediaServ is a service being built to undercut the market once again. With packages ranging from free to $400 USD a month, we’ve included a service for everyone. From a novice design, to a photography company, to a multi million dollar industry, MediaServ can serve it all at a cost effective rate. Look, let’s get into some real talk. The 4 Syndicate has proven time and time again that they know what they’re doing when it comes to software engineering. Bottom line MediaServ has the ability to change the game when it comes to your business. Coupled with Incline.Media, another product of The 4 Syndicate, you’ll be unstoppable.

MediaServ is the best solution for you to grow. Processing 4K or 1080P is no problem for this system, with unmatched bandwidth in this market. We’re about providing the best of the best, and that’s what we’re presenting. Contact The 4 Syndicate today to inquire about this opportunity for you and your website. MediaServ is coming soon, and you could be the forerunner of the next most powerful application the world has ever seen. Join us, in updating the world of information technology.

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