DBC Health and The4

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DBC Health and The4


The 4 Syndicate is proud to introduce our latest major player in the market. DBC Health, powered by The 4 Syndicate, is beginning its entrance into the chiropractic market this year with clinics set to be nationwide in the next five years. The 4 Syndicate is proud to be apart of this as the software engineers powering the world’s most innovative chiropractic machine.

A lot of time and effort has been put into designing this machine. Starting from 1994 to now the research, testimonials, and company as a whole have improved significantly. DBC Health is dedicated to designing an effective chiropractic machine that will improve the lives of people with back, neck, or shoulder pain. Some testimonies include those who have had chronic back pain for many years, and are seeing a significant improvement from their treatment at the DBC Clinics. Over 100,000 success stories have been reported, and many more are to follow with this wonderful company.


The DBC Health team follows strict guidelines as any other medical profession should. All users of the machine have received an improvement to their quality of life. With over 20 years of research and planning, thousands of testimonials, and The 4 Syndicate as their software company we can expect many more great things from the company. The machine works, the stage is set, and DBC Health is ready to expand in clinics nationwide. We are very excited to work with this team, and to once again be at the forefront of the world’s most powerful technology. In an ever changing market, The 4 Syndicate seems to be making the right moves to stay ahead. With The 4 Syndicate and DBC Health working together, the chiropractic market may never be the same again.


To learn more about DBC Health, visit DBCHealth.com

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